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A Little About Me

I guess you could say I'm a naturalist at heart.

I've always been drawn to understand nature - including human nature, and the nature of consciousness.

From my studies in ecology and culture, to embodiment, philosophy, and medicine ways... I don't see any separation between the mundane and the mystical. 

I'm a devoted Yogini, bodyworker, energy healer, spiritual coach, entrepreneur, creator, empath, and mother of two young adults. 

Some of my simple joys are homemade chai, dancing in the kitchen, stopping to touch every flower, beach days, and naps!

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Yoga, Meditation & Healing

Nicole is a seasoned Hatha Yoga teacher, Heartfulness Meditation teacher, and trusted guide, specializing in mind-body healing through somatic awareness, and spiritual connection.

Renowned for her authenticity, and depth of knowledge, her holistic approach encompasses movement, breathwork, rest, meditation, philosophy, and ritual.

She draws on 30 years of traditional Yoga and multi-disciplinary training, synthesizing insights from ecology, non-dual philosophy, world devotional traditions, anatomy, physiology, massage therapy, 5-element medicine, hypnosis, and energy healing.

Nicole's intuitive teaching style has a sophisticated simplicity which reflects a profound understanding of individual needs, and fosters an inclusive and nurturing environment for growth, transformation, and radical acceptance.

Through public classes, private sessions, workshops, retreats, and trainings, Nicole shares her passion for Yoga as a path to liberation and self-knowledge, inviting students to explore their innate wisdom and connect to the loving presence within.

Yoga begins and ends with presence.

Nicole Anami Becker

"Nicole brings together all the forms of Yoga with the most important ingredient of all: Love."
- Janaki C.
"All these years I was practicing Yoga from my head. With your guidance, I now practice Yoga from my heart."
- Christine S.
"Your teachings have been helping my daily life. The world feels more kind and peaceful."
- Ayako S.
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