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Nectar of the Deep Heart
Restorative Yoga + Sacred Silence Retreat
with Nicole Becker

September 20-23, 2024 | Ojai, California

(4 days, 3 nights)

Join long-time retreat leader, healing rest expert, and heart guide, Nicole Becker

for a truly life-shifting journey beyond words.

"Retreat is not about escaping. It's a chance to intimately engage with pure Being. "
- Nicole

Surrounded by the vast majesty of the Topa Topa mountains, your heart and soul will delight in the deep peace and quiet of this unforgettable retreat experience.


Slow down, rest, and nourish deep wellbeing with daily gentle and restorative yoga, guided heart-centered meditation, and contemplative quiet in a luxurious setting on 110 private acres nestled on a hillside in the enchanted hills of Ojai, Southern California. 

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Who is this Retreat For?

This retreat is for anyone seeking true replenishment and deep peace on any level - physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  No prior experience is necessary! All practices are gentle and accessible.


You will have full permission and support to slow down, unplug, and receive the medicine of nature, quietude, and your own deep heart.  Encounter the nectar of peace that is at your center and replenish your inner reservoir.  You will return home with a fresh perspective and tools to last a life-time.


Retreat Testimonials

"The silent yoga retreat was beyond words. Whatever I choose to say about it would simply be not enough to convey the impact this wonderful experience had on my soul. To slow down, to reflect, to sleep, to meditate, to do yoga, to breathe, to watch a bird go by, to see that glorious sunsets and to have you lead the way was soul filling and mesmerizing. Being with you was a gift. Your guidance, your voice, your energy is so lovely. The whole experience resonated in the most beautiful way. Thank you for this experience." 
Image by Martin Adams
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Gentle Yoga + Meditation

We will gather as a group 2-3 times a day (for about an hour each session) In these sessions I will offer teachings and practices designed to restore harmony to your nervous system and connect you to your innate wholeness. to practice one or a combination of gentle yoga, guided relaxation, and heart-centered meditation.

Heart-centered Silence 

Outside of our group sessions, we will be observing "mauna" - sacred silence. 

In sweet and sociable quiet a world of wonder and beauty is revealed. In the silence we can feel and absorb the benefits of our practices and experience each other at a deeper level of humanness. With a maximum of 15 participants, and exclusive use of a magical mountainside hermitage, silence is nectar for the soul. 

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The Ojai Hermitage

We will have exclusive use of the Ojai Hermitage, a luxurious and spacious private property located on 110 acres of rolling hills in upper Ojai, California.  With breath-taking views of the Topa Topa mountains, wandering gardens, olive orchard, and forest paths, you will feel like you are in a magical dream.


The large home features huge vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, soft adobe walls, fireplace, enormous chef's kitchen, large serene bedrooms, and expansive living areas with cozy couches and amazing views.  


Walk the property, discover a quiet haven in the garden, nap in the shade, cozy up with your journal, or enjoy superb nighttime stargazing. 

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Guest Rooms

Six spacious, calm, and light-filled rooms are ready to welcome you!

Most have a queen bed (can be single or double occupancy), and one shared room has two twin beds.  All rooms share a bathroom with one other room. All bedding and towels provided.


Peace-full Meals

An essential part of the retreat experience is the practice of peaceful meal preparation. Each participant will bring and prepare their own food during retreat. This allows you to engage deeply with the present moment; turning an everyday task into a meditative and enriching activity.


The shared experience of silence and deep presence of preparing meals alongside fellow participants also deepens the sense of community and connectedness.

You will have all-day access to an enormous chef's kitchen with plenty of cupboard and refrigerator space for everyone.  The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you would expect in a home.  There are several lovely local markets just 10-15 minutes from the property where you can pick up food items and supplies before arrival. 



If you have any questions about the retreat, location, travel,

programming, etc., please do not hesitate to email me here

I am happy to connect :)

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