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Complete Path of Yoga - 8 Limbs Collection (2022)

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[This self-paced course is FREE with an active Soma Membership] A collection of 9 of classes that take you through the complete path of Hatha Yoga as outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Classes include philosophy, therapeutic asana, breathing exercises, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, mantra, and meditation. You won't find any of these videos or recordings in any other channel or program on my site. Lessons Include: - Dharma of Freedom + Asana (90 min. video) - Central Stability (90 min. video) - Sacred Ground (90 min. video) - Restorative Yoga to Open the Lungs (60 min. video) - Restorative Yoga 3-Part Breath (60 min. video) - Mantra for Meditation (60 min. video) - Yoga Nidra "Beingness" (45 min. audio) - Inner Peace Meditation (40 min. audio) *Your payment gives you access for 1 year. *Free access with active Soma Membership

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